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Privacy-oriented search engines

  • DuckDuckGo: Online investigators usually use it to search the surface web while using the Tor Browser.

  • Startpage: Fetch results from Google without tracking its users.

  • Peekier: Privacy oriented search engines that fetch its results using its own search algorithm.

  • Qwant: Based in France.

  • Oscobo: Based in UK.

  • Swisscows:  Privacy safe WEB-search based in Switzerland.

  • Gigablast: Open source search engine.

  • Gibiru:  Uncensored and anonymous search engine.

  • Privado


News Leak Websites

Transport Tracking

Air Movements


Maritime Movements


Vehicles and Railway

  • ASM: Live train tracking across the USA.

  • Aprs

Dark Web Search Engines

You should download the TOR Browser first before you can access sites hosted on the TOR network.