AxxNox Self Defense Training Expands Programs to Include Online E-learning

Actualizado: 6 de sep de 2020

AxxNox self-defense provider of self-defense training is expanded into online and e-learning platforms for self-defense for women, men, corporate, and high school students.

Violence in the workplace is increasing. Corporate and organizational leaders are more and more concerned about protecting themselves and their staff. AxxNox Self Defense can address today's needs by providing online learning tailored to specific job needs in any industry ranging from real estate to health care to sales employees.

AxxNox Self Defense Training Expands Programs to Include Online E-learning

Over twenty percent of females will be assaulted during their lifetime. The highest risk group is teenage women. Since over forty-five percent of crime is unreported this is an alarming fact. Females will know their attacker over fifty percent of the time according to research. Women need simple to remember techniques that work in violent situations.

The collaborators of the self-defense curriculum are constantly studying and implementing new techniques that fit the criteria of being simple but effective. All self-defense skills are taught on the basis of Gross Motor movements.

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